WHAT! NaNoWriMo! Two Tips to Save Your Sanity!

I cannot believe that it’s November already!!! I mean goodness y’all. I went into the mall Halloween day and there was Christmas stuff all over the place! Really?

November means a lot of things to different people, but to writers it is a month that shines above all others! National Novel Writing Month. Those sweet words…  CUT! CUT! CUT! Lets get real here, the stress! The hair pulling! The  aching eyes and fingers! All the things we whisper a no to as they stare longing at us. We push so many things aside and live like totally different people for a thing called NaNoWriMo.

We adore it!

NaNo is a few days in now. I hope everyone is souring high in word counts and low in distractions. I for one love NaNoWriMo and I wanted to share a tip. It’s not to late to incorporate this into your November life. I found out about NaNoWriMo 3 years ago. Since then, I am a twice  NaNoWriMo winner and a one time camp winner. At times it is super stressing, especially when Thanksgiving comes around everyone is gathering and food is to be made. Plus, it’s not to far from final exams.


My NaNo Soul Saver #1 tip:

NaNoWriMo is about opening your creative floodgate. It is about getting that novel finally out of your head and onto the paper/screen. NaNoWriMo is about having fun and getting things done. Stressing about the word count everyday was getting me NO WHERE! It made me freeze up and think I had to write a bunch of bad scenes so that I fulfilled the soul eating monsters demands. sometimes we have to write bad scene. That is part of the writing process, especially during NaNo.

I fixed it by telling myself I DO NOT care. I have incorporated this every year of NaNoWriMo since I realized it. I begin every NaNo with the mindset of knowing I will not meet my word count goal every day, and maybe not even hit the 50,000, but it is OKAY!  Because as long as NaNo helps me to get going again, as long as it exists and I am doing it, as long as I get words that didn’t exist before onto the paper, that is all that matters. NaNo isn’t about word count to me. It is about the story that has grown inside.

I knew that I would have plenty of stress over everything else and that I would be pressured enough to get the words in with out killing myslelf over it. realizing the impact this thinking could bring was a life saver for me! I hope it helps you guys too. If you haven’t signed up for nano yet there is still time! If you don’t know what it is check it out at the website here.

I hope you all eat tons of chocolate and drown in coffee this month. I hope your words are the best ever!!! I can’t do it this month, but I am working on something else super exciting! If you follow me on twitter @sun_squiggles you probably already know what it is! Ssshhh… . Follow me on twitter for NaNo inspiration and cheer also.

Thanks for reading and please comment your wonderful NaNo tips and horror stories! (or any comments at all really… I promise guys bloggers live for comments.)

Till later,


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