Myrtle Beach Vacation 2016


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There is nothing better than a stroll on the beach, with that burning sensation on your skin, wondering if you put on enough sunscreen, and the crash of waves almost overpowering the screaming children. Ok, well, maybe there are some things better, but they’re very limited. I would say probably a walk on the beach as the sun is setting and disappears leaving unnamable shades of color in the sky is a little better. When you walk at night the horizon is gone leaving only a wide band of black nothingness, unless the moon shines bright and reflects on the choppy ocean, sending sparkles of moon deep into the ocean.

You probably know where I have been lately! I needed a vacation so bad! I just needed to get to the beach so bad! This year we went to Myrtle Beach.  I went with the two best people, Abby; and my sister, Hannah. Crazily, I opted out of bringing my camera. I felt like I was leaving a piece of me behind. But, I didn’t want it to be stolen or broken on the beach. Instead I had my INSTAX!!!


Using the instant print camera has taught me several things; film is expensive and patience. I did have my phone which takes pretty good pics. About half way through the trip I was glad I had left my camera behind. If I had had it I would have missed out on things because I would have lived behind the lens.

What screams beach more than those millions of huge shops with towels and surf boards in the windows? We just had to go into a few. Both Abby and Hannah got hermit crabs. We walked Broadway at the Beach, with all the cute little shops. I did a mirror maze for the first time! It was so weird and almost made me sick. Ha! It was totally worth it.

A lot of things worked out on the trip! I had saved just enough money, lol! The impending rain and storms cleared out. It just so worked out that we were at the beach together on Best Friend Day! Our hotel! When we got to Myrtle Beach, and checked out our room. It was awful. Nothing like we had reserved. Even though we hadn’t reserved a view of the ocean, they ignored what we had reserved completely. The building was dingy and dark, the room although seemingly clean, smelled like smoke and we could only see a pool and a bar from our windows, the beach being across the road hidden by much bigger nicer buildings. So, in the rain, we went back to the front desk. A wonderfully nice manager gave us a much bigger, nicer room across the road with a view of the ocean, and away from the bar, for the same price! We were astonished and bowed in the car on the way to the building to thank God for what he had done. What better way to start a trip!

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Food was a big thing on the trip. I found one of my most favorite restaurants in the whole world, Cheeseburger in Paradise! I’m not sure if it was the avocado or pineapple salsa on my burger or if it was the crispy, chocolate covered chips, strawberries and chocolate sauce with Neapolitan ice cream on the side and sprinkles on everything that won me over. Another favorite I discovered was Zoë’s kitchen! Oh my goodness!!! That place is awesome.

One of the coolest things we did was ride the sky wheel. It was the highest Ferris wheel I have ever ridden. We road it just at the right time, with the sun going down. Although terrifying it was beautiful, the city with all the lights, cars, scurrying people, and bright buildings on one side and on the other side the ocean reflecting the sunset. On our tickets was a coupon for a candy store, free Gummy bears! We got ice cream at I <3 Sugar too. I had the best coconut ice cream in the world and blood orange, a flavor I had never had. On the way back to the hotel Abby held a parrot! Who could do the batman pose and say hello, along with numerous other tricks.

The last trip we took together we had a signature song for the trip. It was “Tonight You Belong to Me”, performed by the Lennon Sisters. This time, although maybe forced a little, it was Disney’s “Lava” song. Guess what? Music video! Yep there’s a video coming; me on the ukulele and not singing solo.  Every time I passed an airbrush t-shirt place I sang, “I left my fashion sense at home… It’s time to get your airbrush t shirt on!” thanks Rhett and Link. Although I believe my fashion was on par.

Overall the trip was the best ever. What could go wrong when you’re with such great company and there’s a beach outside your window. We all had that laid back vacation vibe. We had fun. We didn’t rush; we did most of what we had tentatively planned. And, we did things on the spur of the moment too! I slept very little and loved it. We all had bright toes and messy hair! The smiles on our faces were priceless. Although we came home exhausted and a little burnt, we had the best time ever.

What was some of your best Vacation moments this summer? Any favorite places in Myrtle Beach? I love comments, by the way! Don’t forget to share and follow me on social media.hannah breana and abby at myrtle beach



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