My Graduation Art Party

Congratulations to all the 2016 graduates! I also graduated this year! I have been homeschooled all my life by my wonderful teacher and mother who has guided and loved me. Who graduates without having a party after? Not me! I had an awesome graduation party.  Sadly, I’m the only one I know who graduated this year. Ever heard of an art themed Graduation party? The only ones I had seen were for toddlers, not high schoolers.  I decided it was time I remedy that!


The yard set up for the party
The yard set up for the party

Painted Backdrop

I needed something that would cover a wide span that was art themed and in my color scheme. So I bought cheap Walmart sheets and lots of awesome paint colors. I got the cheapest I could find that had good colors. So, the paint was a little pricey, but this is something I will use more than once.painting a backdropWe taped it up high, stretched it out at a slight angle using an extra set of hands and a long rod. Then poured the paint letting it drain down the sheet. Being cheap paint we had to add water to some of it because it had coagulated. But, for the most part, water was not necessary. It made the paint too runny and slide all the way down the sheet, which was not what I was going for. This is a  very messy project! I would suggest laying down a tarp underneath to catch all the drips. Instead of a tarp, I scrubbed paint out of the porch.  Fun. Fun.





Art Party Decor

I drooled over Pinterest and came up with some more decorations.

One oBrana'sTassle Balloonsf my favorite, bold, party decorations are giant tissue paper flowers. I learned how to make them at . They are super easy and if you make a couple different kinds the result is stunning! They are so fun to play around with.


I had been eyeing the huge balloons with tassels for a while! The tassels are super easy to make,

The only thing I love more at a party than the decorations is decorations that can double as activities! Am I right? How can you have an art party without a full-out Princess Diarie’s paint balloon canvas.  Here is a link to a great tutorial on filling up water balloons with paint. water balloon tutorial . I used acrylic paint for the water balloon canvas instead of tempera paint. Also, I used very little water unlike the tutorial.


Paint Balloon Canvas

One of my favorite things we did that doubled as decoration is initial canvases. We tried using several things like resistance and stick paper to cut the initials out of, but none of those worked so we used duct tape sheets that worked pretty well. Sizing was weird because of the size of the canvases, so, I had to cut them all by hand instead of using stickers or something. We set them up on the table and used them for decoration along with the paint bottles and brushes. I loved seeing how the canvases seemed to embody the person who painted it.


Art table
Art table


The top decoration for functionality had to be the paint cupcakes. They were decoration, an activity for the little ones, and food! I got the idea from here, Jenloveskev.comPaint Cupcakes


Graduation Art Party Food


The food was delicious. We got cupcakes baked, put together beautiful colorful fruit cups, and made white popcorn with M&Ms. For the cupcake platter we cut a piece of poster board. We also found colorful popsicle in clear wrapping, popped them in a bucket full of ice and passed it around. For the punch we used this recipe, . We hung a paper sign that read, Creative Juice! We had tea since my whole family are avid tea drinkers. My favorite, though, was the water. We cut a lime, a lemon, and a cucumber after washing them all and peeling the cucumber. Then we dumped them in a gallon pitcher of cold water. Not only is it healthy, it looks fabulous!!!



Graduation Art Party Activities

My wonderful father and brother filled tons of water balloons using the method above and a tempera type paint. We had a  balloon toss, and a free for all war, last.  Everyone had a letter canvas to paint, and everyone had a chance to throw some darts at the canvas. The smaller kids put sprinkles on the cupcakes too. I opened gifts and everyone gazed at pictures. Of course Alexander was entertaining. I also set around my instax camera and the one I borrowed from my aunt. Those are always fun! We bought cheap photobooth props and made good use of those also.

I have to admit that it did not go smoothly. The party was supposed to be on a Saturday. The wind decided that it was going to blow a million miles an hour that day. We fought it all day long and as the time slipped by the wind kept picking up. We finally packed up and started making phone calls. Well, my sister did. I was too busy wringing my hands and tearing up.

Alexander pulling flower wagon

Luckily, everyone was available the next day. We had to do it a bit earlier in the afternoon because it was Sunday. That made the sun not great for pictures. Speaking of pictures, my camera was set weird, and I didn’t know it because I didn’t take many pictures. So, most of them are washed out.

Despite the horrible Saturday beforehand, everyone had a blast. Not everyone left with paint on them, but most of us did. My mother picked out plenty of pictures, luckily, not too embarrassing, and strung them up with adorable little clothes pins. I really hate everyone staring while I open presents. Does anyone else hate that? The colors and atmosphere were great. The weather wasn’t too bad, a little warm, but great for the end of May. It was a wonderful graduation party that I won’t forget. I thank my family who made it possible. I can’t believe I graduated already! I don’t feel that old. I hope that you try some of these ideas. If you do, post a comment. Make sure you follow me on social media, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Bloglovin’, and Twitter, links in the sidebar.


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  1. I love the idea of an art themed party! You did an amazing job–the party looks like it was so much fun and beautiful as well! I’m glad I could help with the paper flowers 🙂 Happy Graduation!

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