My “Beat The Heat” Summer Outfits

I am so excited for todays post! Today is my first collaboration post, and I get the pleasure of doing it with the fitness and fashion blogger Emily of ! She is an awesome blogger from Australia! Which is awesome!  I never even thought about all the cool people I would meet and work with who lived out of the united states. It’s SO COOL! I have already tried some of her awesome healthy recipes and want/have to try some of her makeup favorites.  When I first got an email from her asking if I might would do a collaboration post with her, I jumped at the opportunity! We had planned to do something totally different, but then I found out that it was the dead of winter in Australia. Everyone is well aware that the sweat rolling down your back when you step outside means it’s the nasty hot end of summer here. But, we all need reminding that winter is just around the corner! Now is the time to prepare for it, clothes wise anyway. So here is how the collaboration post will work; Emily has written a Wrapped Up on a Windy Day fashion post and I havw written a stay cool in summer post. We are linking the posts. It’s your job to check out both posts and comment. Comments are always appreciated and loved! Besides you will love Emily’s blog. It’s awesome!

flowers are blue



I love summer it’s my favorite season besides spring. Even though I love it, this nasty humid, yucky, rainy, hot, last month we have had in the south , has not been my favorite. I don’t know which is worse, the sunny and humid, or the rainy and extra humid! As you probably know it’s done wonders for my hair. LOL! When it comes to summer dressing I always run into problems. The shirts are light colored and  therefore see through. And every piece of even halfway modest clothing has been thrown out the window long ago, except for a few of us. The few who hold on to the few articles of clothing that does’t show EVERYTHING! We pay for it too, the heat and humidity, its toll on us and our clothing. One thing that I love to wear in the summer are DRESSES! The nice airy ones! And if I can get away with it, no undershirt or slip! I have been very “lucky” if you will, to find a few such dresses at some local stores. (I am not being paid by these stores, if I am ever being paid for something, I will let you guys know) Old Navy, Hamricks and  Ross have been frequented by me this summer.  Sometimes I hit gold, sometimes I leave empty-handed. I always check secondhand stores for treasures to! Though this summer has been a bust for those.

I love this Blue Dress
I love this Blue Dress


My hair wasn’t the best on photoshoot day and it was almost a hundred degrees and so, so, humid before we were done. Aside from that, here are the dresses that I have been loving this summer!

I absoluty love this blue dress with cream leafy flowers on it! It’s a little nicer than the regular cotton, but still just as cool. Pairing it with fancy jewelry dresses it up also!where it downtown

Bracelet from Charming Charlies, feather from Rue 21
Bracelet from Charming Charlies, feather from Rue 21

This orange dress along with the blue one mentioned before came from Old Navy. This dress is bright and colorful! It’s wonderful for a day out. Although you can tell by the stains that I have lounged in it at home one to many times. haha! Did you notice that I paired it with my tassel necklace! Find out how I made it here



I have worn this striped dress probably too often. It’s super soft and airy! It can be dressed up some, or left really casual. The necklace came from Charming Charlies. The dress came from Hamricks. This has been my go to dress when I can’t decide what to wear! It’s perfect for almost anything!


standing in stripes


I think that these are much cooler than anything I have seen people wear (or not wear) this summer. If I am honest with  myself and the sweat tickling down, I am SO ready for fall. I want things to start cooling down some. Seventy degree weather is wonderful! I am not ready for winter though, not yet. Am I ready to start getting clothes for winter? Yes! I am always on the look for anything that is serviceable and looks good on me.  Make sure you check Emily’s for some change in season inspiration! She has some other great posts too!

This post collab has been so fun! I hope it helps you guys stay cool in the remaining summer days, and warm in the coming seasons. By the time you read this I will have a new computer! Yay! I have been writing the last few posts on half a screen because the hinge has destroyed it! Thanks Tax free weekend! Make sure you follow Emily on twitter, Instagram, ect.  If you don’t already, make sure you follow me too! And remember, both of us love comments! My comment box is past the “check out these too” section.  As always, Thanks Y’all!

Till next time


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  1. I have a few similar dresses and yes, it stinks if they require a tank top or slip ! You look beautiful even tho sweat is tricking! Great blog! Now off to read Emily’s.

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