INFP: Pros and Cons of College

Hello guys! I would like to let you in on something I have just started. I have started a journey of happiness. I am on a journey to find myself. I have been listening to a great podcast called Earn Your Happy by Lori Harder. I recommend this amazing podcast to anyone and everyone! And, I have been reading some books. Being an INFP you know I have been thinking and discovering and feeling constantly. I have been doing all this while dealing with a full load of college. I will use the word college, but university fits too. So here are the pros and cons of college for an INFP!



Let’s just remember that every INFP is different and what is true for me may not be for you. But, here are the Pros that I have experienced.

  1. College is a great place to read people! There are so many from so many different walks of life.
  2. There are lots of chances to go with great people and help so many different causes and people. College is a great place to get involved with changing and helping the world.
  3. Meeting people becomes a possibility! Yea I know, right! Having to go to classes and be somewhere, you usually end up meeting people. Who knows one might end up being your best friend for the rest of your life!
  4. It’s good for learning how to deal with deadlines. We have all made those lists and then completely ignored them. I am so guilty of knowing what I’m supposed to do and then just doing so many other things. The need to do well and make grades in college is so much more pressing than high school. I learned how to deal with deadlines better.
  5. It puts a little structure into your bones. I am bad at making and keeping habits. College set things where I had to have at least some structure. So, for me this was a good thing.
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  1. I had a full load this semester because I refused to do school in summer. We are free spirits, we need to be spontaneous sometimes! This put a lot deadlines. I had so many demands on my time, I was miserable! Yea, learning to deal with deadlines is good, but the amount of time and effort and frequency of these deadlines wore me down. I was and still am a wreck.
  2. So, I have been going to a community tech college to get my required classes out of the way. Not many people want to talk. Most are there to learn. Some, though are not. Some people are there to get away from there family’s, or because their families are making them. This leads to a lot of lack of authenticity.
  3. Small Talk! College leads to a lot of small talk. This is a sandpaper to a INFP soul.
  4. College requires a lot of extroverting. A LOT! The level of interaction with others is at an all-time peak. This is very stressing for an INFP. Knowing that every day we must get up and go and be around people and meet those deadlines. It is very hard, very horrible!
  5. Some are lucky to have good colleges or universities near them, some don’t and must go away to college. This means saying by-by to all the people that mean everything to you while you study at school. Relationships are an important thing for us INFPs. In college, these must be put on the backburner.
  6. College is time consuming. Very, very time consuming. There is little to no time for creativeness. The papers that professors assign usually are full of rules and directions, there is no tolerance for creativity.
  7. Concrete details and sensory details are all that is concentrated on. Like what in the world! My English class sucked. And I usually like English. All those things that you think are cool and interesting, believe me it will be everything else that is on the test.
  8. I don’t mind criticism if it is constructive. There is a lot of that in college, a lot of criticism and confrontation.

So, What?

Making the decision to do college or to not do college is very hard. In ways college, has helped me so much. I am trying something new next semester after my much-needed summer break! It may cost a little more, but I think I can make up some of the differences with scholarships. I am going to do a half load. I have five classes right now! Crying yourself to sleep (and trying not to break down constantly) is not a good thing. With a half load, it won’t be as bad!

  • With a half load I’ll still have classes, still have deadlines, but there won’t be as many! I’ll have time to enjoy the learning process and maybe remember some of it after the test.
  • I’ll have time to make friends and nurture the friendships I already have. I’ll have more time with my family!
  • I’ll have more time to be creative!

There is no reason why I can’t have a life, be true to myself, and do college. It might take a little longer, and I might end up having to take a class in the summers, but not being a stressed mess is worth it.

I hope this post helps someone decide about college. College has been so good in so many ways! But being as stressed and depressed as I have been the last semester is not good at all. Each one of us is different and can handle things a lot differently. I think I’ll do great with a half load of college. I guess we will see! Weigh the pros and cons carefully and do what your intuition is yelling for you to do.

Please comment, and follow me on social media! How has college helped or broken you? Do you have tips for surviving a day, a semester? Did college change your life? Did it make or break you?

Thanks for reading!


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