Here Comes the Sun

Here Comes the Sun-shine and Squiggles!

Finally, I have made it to the first blog post! Oh look! There’s a video too! It has been one crazy ride to get here. It is true that I have dragged my social media followers on and on about a post coming soon, and here it is.

So, first things first, my name is Breana. I graduated high school this year! Class of 2016 is awesome! Especially since I was the only one in my class because I was homeschooled.  Ha! Look for a post coming about my super awesome graduation party! I was a middle child almost all my living years, until… Alexander! Yep, a baby brother who is 16 years younger than me, 19 years younger than my older sister! Is it weird? Well yea, a little, especially when strangers comment on how cute my little boy is. But, I love him past the moon and don’t care if they think he is mine.

Here are some things about me. I am a fan of Lord of The Rings, Percy Jackson books (hated the movie), Avatar: The Last Air bender (hopefully the legend of Korra when I start it), the YouTubers, Rhett and Link and so many other things. I love the outdoors, writing, chocolate, and DIY projects. My dirt, chalk, paint, and who knows what else incrusted nails usually have polish on them.  I have curly hair that I love! I hope the blog will be a mirror of myself and my life. A dumping place for all the things that happen and cool things I do to better my life and make it interesting and fun.

Sunshine and Squiggles has been a work in the making for a while now. I’ve been planning for years to start a blog. It’s taken me this long to achieve it, and find a name I was somewhat happy with.  I plan on doing awesome DIY projects. I play the mandolin, violin, and am currently working on the ukulele. So look for some music videos! There will be some posts on curly hair, skin, nails, and so many other things. I hope this blog is a help and an enjoyment to all my wonderful readers.  What were some of your most difficult blog hurdles?

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