Five Favorite Fun Songs of Summer 2016

I could not live without music in my life. Well, maybe I could, but life would be lacking in something. I have to admit that my playlist is very, very, varied. Ha, Ha. The songs that speak to me the most have something different in them. Whether it be a ukulele stuck in there somewhere, or the singer having a weird accent, the songs I listen to are special in some way or another. I rarely find a singer or band and plug into all their songs with love and anticipation. I usually find one or two songs from them and move on. So, without further ado here are my Five Favorite Fun Songs of Summer 2016!

1:  Chris Rice’s, “Here Comes Those Eyes

I love the upbeat guitar in this song! It was pretty cool to find a decent song about how a man feels when his love walks into a room. While it might not be completely true, lol, it’s pretty nice to dream. This song always leaves with very happy vibes.

2: The Beatles’, “Here Comes The Sun

The guitar work on this song is so cool! The mention of the sun in this song is fun too. Whenever I’m feeling a little droopy, I pop this song on and it’s summertime!

3: Singer Frank Sinatra, “Same Old Saturday Night

This song has a very nice bass beat to it. The Big Band feel of this song is unmistakable. It has that big band time era feel to it. Sinatra’s voice always lifts my mood.

4:  Joe Walsh and Courtney Hartman’s version of, “Bluegrass Stomp

I love that this is a mandolin duo. This song is a bluegrass staple. I have learned to play this song myself on the mandolin. It is not an easy song. It has a kind of offbeat, up beat, not as bluegrass feel to it. I have heard many versions played by many people and this is my favorite.

Last, but not least, (drumroll). 5: Rhett and Link’s “The Burrito Song

Who has not experienced burrito sunshine! Not sure what burrito sunshine is? Well,  you just have to check this song out. This song is so fun!

It was so hard to narrow down to my top five favorites. Some of the runner ups are:

Rhett and Link’s, “The Ten Second Rule

Never My Love” , Blue Swede

Pharrell Williams, “Happy

and I couldn’t leave this one out, “What Women Want“, Rhett and  Link

I hope you check these out. What are some of your Summer Faves? I would love to know!




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