Camp NaNoWriMo 2016: The Story Monster

So, week three of Camp NaNoWriMo! I hope all your word counts are soaring and your creative juice rivers flooding. I think, in a way, the third week of Camp Nano is the hardest. Why? Because, it is almost over.  If you are writing a novel then the hardest part of your book is upon you. The most intense scene and decisions to stay with your plot, or break loose, are knocking at your door. If you are editing, the words are starting to run together, you’re going cross-eyed and you question the very existence of the words you put down on paper.  This is the week that slackers write like mad men to catch up! This week is the most intense week. This is the teeth grinding, tear dripping, chocolate and coffee  overload week of the whole summer! Why do we do it?  That’s the question isn’t it.

Why do we put ourselves through this? Why do we pour ourselves onto the page? Why do we rip our very existence and plaster it onto a tear and tea stained paper, (or keyboard).  The answer:


The story we have growing inside of ourselves, eats its way out. If you think about it it’s like a symbiotic relationship. It’s for the good of both of us. We have to get the story out. The emotions of writing a story are a jumbled mess. The world doesn’t need this story. This is like a million other books I have read. This is the best story in whole world! This is junk why should I even finish? The truth, the world needs this blooming piece of work just as much as you do. Even if this story is a piece of junk it may morph into something entirely different that becomes a best seller. You never know! This is the week that determines what kind of writer you are. This is the week that weeds out the garden. Don’t give up on your dreams. Don’t give up on your story. Your story needs to be written!

I have to confess that I am behind. I have had a very interesting week that has consisted of carrying a couch up seven flights of stairs, two people being covered in broken glass, and an extra class in VBS that nobody knew about till VBS started, that needed crafts; and trying to pass a math placement test for college. But, in reality the week could have been worse. My computer could have crashed with my un-backed up story on it. A family member could have died. If I had a boyfriend, he could have dumped me. Ok, so, maybe the week wasn’t quite that bad. It had its good parts too, seeing Buttercup the cow puppet have a conversation with Wagonwheel, and the penny wars at VBS,, getting to see my sister and helping her move into a wonderful new apartment, seeing the wonderful clouds that remind me that fall is coming. It was an okay week, not a great week, but, okay.

Who is going to join me in the quest of finishing word count or editing goals? Even though I am a week behind I am going to write like a madwoman and catch up. Currently my word count is ten tousand. My word count goal is thirty thousand. Currently my character is crying in her brothers arms because he found her in her strange experience. Read my other posts on camp Nano this year: Camp NaNoWriMo and Writing Hurtles and Camp NaNWriMo. I would love to know what y’alls currant stats are.  Comment and tell me. Don’t forget to follow me on twitter for almost daily updates and questions. I’m also on Pinterest, Instagram, and Bloglovin’.  There is only one more week after this one! Write like you have never written before! Good luck y’all!

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