Camp NaNo 2016: To the End!

The last week, Is it really here? Is the novel really that much more real? Can I really see the end to the editing? It has been an amazing month! This being my last blog post concerning Camp NaNo, even though we technically have another Monday in this month, I have a few more words of advice.

The first piece of advice being: Don’t Slack Off! This isn’t the week to think, ‘Oh! I’m close to being done. I’ll write this later.’ Nope! Don’t do it. WRITE IT NOW! Even if you are behind, don’t give up yet. A lot can happen in a week. I may be looking at myself, here.

The second: Don’t look down!

What I mean by this is, don’t get caught up in how complicated these last bits are and despair. Just work through it one word at a time! If you do this, you will make it through. It may be hard to wrap up your story this month. You might not want to say goodbye to the writing life and to your characters for a while to resume normal life, unless writing every day for hours is your normal life. Trying to cram your entire story together before the month ends, is a grand feat. It can be done, hang in there!

This week has been very different for me. So, I didn’t get to catch up on the word count I had planned. I still have a week! It is still possible! Even in the slightest possibility I don’t make it to my word count, this month has opened my soul to a new story, a story that has never been read or told by anyone ever. Maybe I will spend the next few weeks actually plotting, now that I have enough story to actually plot.

I count this Camp NaNo to be a success already. I hope everyone reaches their desired word count or, like me, has been inspired enough for it to not matter. There is a week left. Write! Write! Write! And if you still don’t finish keep writing till you do. Even though the month is almost over and camp is ending, find some time every week to sit down and write! There is a story inside and it is begging to be told. Let the words out and revel in the fact that you accomplished it.

Please comment and let me know how you’re doing! I’ve only written like a thousand more words than last week. So much for catching up. The picture I did not take myself because of dead batteries in my camera and no camera cord. So it came from Congratulations to those of you who have already submitted those word counts and won! Congratulations to those who have the end in sight and are on track. Congratulations to those of you who have given it your all but for some reason had to leave camp early. Good luck with the remainder of Camp NaNo!

Signing off from camp for the last time,


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