“Boom Baby” Hair Mask

Recently a post  went out about my 5 Tips for curly/ Wavy Hair  . I thought maybe I should expand on the oil treatment. So here is a post on how to fix your lifeless hair!

Think about how much your hair goes through. It gets slept on, rubbed on the back of car seats, the sun beats down on it anytime you step outdoors. It gets washed and dried and blown through and straitened or curled. It’s rubbed, crimped, dried, pulled on… I could go  on and on! Your hair goes through so much stress. No wonder it’s looking a little worn, maybe a bit frizzy, or wont hold its style. It’s tired, it’s worn out. It needs a little help to keep functioning.kusco kryingHere are some ingredients to help make your curls and you confident and give them…

How I got from curls to Kuzco, I'm not sure.
How I got from curls to Kuzco, I’m not sure.



What you need for the mask:

-Coconut oil or olive oil


-1 Avacado (optional)


-Old t-shirt



– Microwave

While olive oil is a good substitute, I fully believe coconut oil is the best in the world to put in your hair. The difference is that coconut oil penetrates the hair and seeps inside instead of only working on the outside of your hair strands. So this is what we will use as a base. I use around 1/4 cup of coconut oil for my almost waist length hair and I have plenty. So you can cut the recipe accordingly. It’s not a precise science. Oil in itself will help especially when your hair is frizzed or dull looking. Down below is a list of ingredients that will give your hair an even bigger boost!

Honey: you have probably heard before that honey is good for your hair. It attracts moister and is full of vitamins and minerals that are wonderful for your hair. This is a wonderful  addition to oil.

Mayonnaise: real mayo is a jewel among the stones. Mayo not only moisturizes because of the oil, it coats the hair and helps to protect it form the sun. The vinegar in mayo restores the PH of your hair. The PH can be pretty messed up if you use any type of hair products regularly, like shampoo, or conditioner. The protein from the egg also helps repair damage! How much better can it get?



Avacado: So I came across avocado for hair aliments a while back. I don’t use it all the time, but highly recommend it, especially with majorly damaged hair. It’s a little difficult to wash out, but is totally worth it. Avocado promotes hair growth. It’s high in the B and E vitamins which help repair hair and scalp.  And, it moisturizes on top off all that.


Here is my go to recipe for great hair:

-A little more than 1/8 cup of coconut or olive oil

-A heaping table-spoon of mayonnaise

-Two table spoons of honey

-1 avocado (optional)

Put all your ingredients into the blender or a food processor. If you don’t use the avocado you don’t even need a blender, Just mix it with the spoon. Stick the bowl into the microwave for 10 to 15 seconds, just slightly warm. You don’t want the mayo to separate. It’s fine if it does, just looks nasty. Ha! Ha! I then part my hair in the middle and start massaging the llama hair potion into my scalp. If there is any left then work it into the rest of your hair.

The avocado makes it look yucky because the blender doesn’t get all the clumps out. Let it sit for at least thirty minutes, and then wash it out. Sometimes I have to shampoo it twice. Even after this hair mask I condition my hair. If you tend to have more oily hair then you may not need to condition it.

I hope this will be a help. I made sure I brought my curls back to their Boom before my first day of college starts Monday! I’m not even apologizing about the Emperor’s New Groove refrences! I love that movie. Llamas are my fav! Anyway… if you have questions feel free to comment! Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter ! I Also have a Pinterest account! I’m on lots of other social media too y’all!

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