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How is everyone enjoying fall so far? I love fall! The leaves have just started turning. The air is a little chilly at night. This last weekend in the mountains was even chilly in the daytime! Friday, my family and I went to NC close to Hendersonville and picked apples at Stepp Orchard. I really needed it! I have been running my head off with school. Anyone else ready for fall break?


School really drains me. I am NOT a people person. Having to, well… people is exhausting in itself. Then all the studying… nothing new. Right? The fact that I have a research report due for my psychology class that I haven’t even started that’s due first of November is really hanging over my head now.

Back to the apples…

Me and Alexander
Me and Alexander

Something that I think everyone should remember to do whether they are a people person or not is to get outside some. I hadn’t realized till we were on our way home how long it had been since I had enjoyed the sunshine and fresh air. Being outside helps recharge me. It was a perfect fall day for picking to. The peoples and worries had overtaken me. I got a fresh perspective in the fresh air. It didn’t really last long when I looked at my list of homework, but I did get that wind of calm for a while.

We picked blushing gold, cameo, and fugi apples. I have already made some baked apples. Mom made some apple crisp. Yummmm!!!

The big "Apple"
The big “Apple”

I enjoyed spending the day with my family before my dad has to leave for Afghanistan again. This is his last time! He will be home for good! Alexander had never picked apples before. He kept picking them off the ground and saying, “Sissy… apple!”. On our way home we stopped at some of the other numerous apple orchards. When he saw a big orange pumpkin on the ground he ran up to it and was very excited about the big, “apple!”. He is a stinker who is growing up way to fast.

I can’t believe it is already October y’all! My birthday is the 26! I’m going to be 19! That’s way too old! I don’t feel that old. It is consoling to know that I will always be younger than my sister who also has a birthday this month. Haha! Are you guys prepared for NaNoWriMo? I’m going to be honest. NOPE! I hope you guys have a wonderful week and make apple pies or something.

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