DSC08259        Crafting, writing, and reading, are only a few passions of mine. I intently love my family! I can’t get over how adorable my baby brother is, the second youngest sibling under me. I was the middle child with a sister older than me, and now two younger brothers!

            I need the country area I live in, like I need air. There’s nothing I would rather do than lay in the grass with my baby brother or paint while my bare feet dangle in the creek. (nail polish never stays on very long.) I love to garden, art, DIY, and eat; these things are a part of me, as is my curly hair and the ocean.

           Life isn’t always happy. Sometimes its hard to see over the next hill in the path. But, I strive to find the sunshine in the little, everyday things. After awhile, they don’t seem so little anymore.