5 Tips for Curly/Wavy Hair

Curly/wavy hair can be super frustrating. It never dries the same way, it may or may not look good one day no matter how you fix it, it frizzes out, it hangs limp and lifeless. These are just a few examples of the struggles. There are ways to make things better. Here are five tips to love your locks again!

1: Over Washing

A big thing in the curly hair world is over washing. I have found from experience that shampoos, even natural ones, dry my curls out and make them limp, frizzy and lifeless. I have very dry skin and dry hair and therefore don’t have to wash my hair as often. It’s best to only wash hair once or twice a week and always use conditioner. It will be hard at first, but after a few weeks your head should stop overproducing oil to compensate for over washing. If your hair just isn’t cooperating and you think “I need a wash redo!” Just wet it, maybe add some conditioner to the mix, but don’t shampoo!

2: Brushing

NO! NO! Never brush curly or wavy hair. NEVER! NEVER! NEVER! Brushing it will make it frizz and break. I haven’t used a brush in several years now. I use a wide tooth comb or my fingers to get the pesky rats out of my hair.

3: Heat

Ok, so, I know you have heard this a billion times. Heat is bad for your hair! I have a friend with curly hair and she used to straighten it all the time. She is suffering now. Eventually her hair was so damaged that it wouldn’t even look good straight, much less curly. She quit using a straightener and has been nursing her poor curls back to health. It’s been a long process for her. I have straightened my hair a few times, but it isn’t something I make a habit out of. When you take the right precaution you can use a straighter, or a curler every once in a while. Always use heat protection and give your hair lots of love after. A straightener isn’t the only thing to stay away from. Hairdryers are bad too. They tend to over dry the hair and make it frizz. It is best to let curls air dry.  I used a hairdryer once. Never again.

4: Bad Hair style

I have seen a lot of people with beautiful curly hair who make me want to scream in horror. (like there curls are doing). There are a few hairstyles you want to watch out for. Don’t ever pull your curls back tight! I do wear the occasional ponytail, but I never pull it back tight from my forehead. This breaks and frizzes curly hair and then it’s all flat when you take it down and curly on the ends. Never do tight ballerina buns. I know topknots are all the rage right now. Believe me, I LOVE them. But I do mine a little different. Instead of pulling it tight where all you see is a face and a tight bun. I do a loose top knot and secure it with bobby pins. This style can also add a little lift if done properly. You can enjoy every hair hairstyle straight hair girls do, just fix it a little different. I love braids they protect and if done right don’t pull from hardly anywhere.

Basically never pull your hair tight to the breaking point and don’t overwork your curls. The less touch the better.

5: Oil

When curls frizz and are lifeless, look brittle and yuck, I have a solution. Every few weeks I like to douse my hair in an oil bath. Don’t scream in horror! My hair feels and looks so amazing after I douse it in oil and let it sit for at least 30 minutes.

My favorite oil is coconut. This stuff WORKS and really needs a post of its own. I usually just gauge how much I need, spoon it out of the container, and heat it for ten to fifteen seconds. Just enough to warm it up. Then I start on the side of my scalp and start massaging it in. I work my way around my head then use whatever is left to douse my ends. Leave it at least thirty minutes and shampoo it out. I usually have to wash it twice to get the extra oil out. I always condition it. ALWAYS! This treatment leaves my curls bouncing and my hair shiny and soft.

If I feel like I need something extra. I will mix the oil with some mayonnaise and honey. Both are great and add to the regeneration of your curls. But, be careful a little dab will do when adding this to your oil. I use this all the time in the winter when the cold and dry wind destroy my hair.

I love my curls! I haven’t always taken care of my hair, due to the tomboy nature I had. I would just throw it back in a ponytail and then jump on the trampoline like a mad person. Comparing my pictures to then and now. My hair looks so much more thankful. It treats me better and I love it better now that am taking care of it.

I hope this post helps. Curly hair isn’t easy, but we can make it better. By changing the way, I did things just a bit, I transformed my hair from nightmare to wonderful. I just want to let you know there is hope. I think curly hair is the most beautiful in the world. Please comment with your questions or comments. And please follow me on the social medias. I love comments!

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