Five Things I am Thankful for! also (CALLING ALL NANO 2016 WINNERS!)

Hey guys! I am so excited about thanksgiving! What better way to celebrate thanksgiving than telling you a few things I am thankful for.  At the end I have an exciting thing I need all the upcoming NaNoWriMo winners help, for a post coming out the beginning of December.


Five things I am thankful for not in any particular order:

1.       I am thankful for my wonder Lord and Savior who is always watching, is always there, who keeps me, uplifts me and protects me. He is a friend like no other.

2.       My family. They are the building blocks of my entire world. My wonderful parents who love, care, and provide for me. I am thankful for my siblings who drive me insane, but that’s fine it’s more fun being insane. And, my two year old brother who shines light in my world every day.

3.       The wonderful fall colors are the greatest ever right now. I love them. The bright yellow and reds against the crystal blue sky, I can’t decide on which season is my favorite. It’s time like this that I almost decide on the season it is now.


4.       I am thankful for the journey I started a little over a year ago. I have learned so much about myself. While the promise I made myself to become who I needed, wanted, and was becoming has not been easy. I am happier for excepting the change to myself and the world around me. the journey is not over and I doubt it will ever be.

5.       My wonderful best friend. My partner in crime. The one who is always there to laugh when I fall and comfort me when she helps me up. And to the new friend I have made. We are a weird bunch and I am thankful for it!


 So, there it is. I really am salivating at the thought of the ham and turkey and hurting stomach tomorrow. I need to stuff my face!

I would like to do something AWSOME!!! But, I’m going to need your guys help! Calling all NANO 2016 winners!!!! If you have succeeded in winning NaNoWriMo this year. I would like to put together a post with you! So here is how it will go. I will be compiling a favorite sentence or two of your story and a bit of advice for the upcoming NaNo next year or writing in general. If you would like to stay anonymous don’t add your name or anything in your words you want on the post. If you want to be put out there include your name and blog or website or whatever in the words you want on the post. Please no more than around 150 words per person.  Clean language!!! No swearing. I’m trying to keep my blog pg. You can submit through my Email! Which is found in the about section of my blog. Or through twitter! I will except submissions until December 5, 2016. Please follow me on twitter because details and questions and updates are on there. Please follow me on ALL THE SOCIAL MEDIA! Well not all but a lot. Thanks guys.

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