Keep Calm and Write On: NaNoWriMo is Coming

Happy Labor Day! How is College for everyone who is going? I have found out that it is just a teeny more time consuming than I had thought it would be. Thus, how do I MAKE TIME TO PLOT OUT MY NOVEL BEFORE NOVEMBER? I haven’t looked at anything I wrote during Camp NaNo; much less started plotting. Today’s post is not about making time. Today’s post is about getting ready for November. What exactly do I need to do to be ready for NaNoWriMo?

Some people are just beginning. They write out whatever has been building in their minds, they get 50,000 words on paper that weren’t there before. Then they take the time after to fix, cut, change, plot, redo, etc. I spent Camp NaNo to get the ideas out of my head and the creative words coming, I only decided to do Camp a month before. Other people use NaNoWriMo to do the plotting, or the editing, or get creative juices running. Still others have prepared before NaNoWriMo, so that they will be ready.

Plotting simply does not work for some people. I am halfway in between. I take notes on the thoughts and ideas that come up while I am writing or doing anything really, then I try to make a sort of line of events so that I know what I am writing towards. I never hesitate to change the way I was going or to add or to take away. I simply need to know where I am going, so I don’t wander too far. Any plotting beyond this comes after the first draft or two is written. A lot of times I don’t have enough of an idea to even know where I am going. I still try to have one event in the future I am writing towards. My thoughts in Camp NaNo were nowhere near linear. I wrote beginnings and then endings and then a scene that has no apparent place. Then I have bits of a middle and on and on. Camp NaNo was to get the writing river flowing again, but now it’s time for National Novel Writing Month.

If plotting is the only way you can write, yay for you! Kudos! All you need to do before November is to do your thing. If you can’t plot at all, you need to have an idea of what you are going to start with. Maybe have some notes together and chocolate, lots of chocolate. I have read about and talked to people who were all gung-ho, but when they sat down at the blank screen, they gave up. If they had spent a little time coming up with just a little they could have made it through. for those of us who don’t do well plotting or pantsing (writing by the seat of our pants) we need to have the tentative line of events, our notes, and chocolate, also tea helps.

Pic from keepcalmandloveanimestuff on tumblr. I love Iroh from Avatar: The Last A!irbender
Pic from keepcalmandloveanimestuff on tumblr. I love Iroh from Avatar: The Last Airbender

Luckily, I’m not starting from scratch, I’m basically rewriting and adding to what I did in Camp. If you’re  starting from scratch though, and you plan on doing NaNoWriMo in November, I would suggest preparing now. Everyone prepares in their own way, but remember that it’s  only two months away. I plan on digging out some time each day after homework and family time to work on my plotting and putting the already written things in some linear order. I will be reading over what I have written and making notes of the heart wrenching ideas that come to mind. Then I will start making my NaNo bag, (more on that closer to time),and preparing myself mentally. It’s going to be super hard this year since I’m not doing school at home. Being in college is so different. I know that I won’t be alone with the time restraints. There are tons of you out there who preserver through kids and work and school and so many other things. We can do it! If we spend a little time to prepare, it will make November go so much smoother.

If you have a special way you prepare for Nano, let me know! I would love to hear new ways of getting ready. Anybody working on something from camp still? Also if there’s anything you would like me to touch on concerning writing before November, drop a comment. As always don’t forget to follow me. I post on twitter all the time! Visit the site to learn more about it.
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